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A) Limited Free License
Thank you for your email. All of Heather's sewing patterns are copyright protected and are for personal use only. However, Heather has provided an opportunity for customers to apply for a Limited, Fre
Are your laminated fabrics Food safe?
We receive many questions regarding the safety of this material. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions: Q: Are they PVC free? A: Our laminates are 100% cotton fabric coated wit
Do Heather Bailey Store Gift Certificates Come with a Tin?
Our gift certificates come with instructions for their use, but do not come with tins.  Heather does have a free instructions for making your own gift-card box from cardstock though -- and they a
How do you create the ruffle on the Fresh Cut quilt?
Ruffled edges on quilts can be a little tricky, especially if you are new to sewing. But fear not! We've compiled some tips and tricks to help you tackle this frilly beast and leave you feeling like a
How many yards of fabric can you fit in a Flat Rate Envelope? (International or Domestic)
We can fit up to 14 (1/2 yard) pieces of fabric (7 yards) into a Flat Rate Envelope. If you are ordering more fabric, or any additional items (i.e. felt) you will need to consider another shipping opt
How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Package to My Country?
The best way for you to see your shipping options is for you to put your desired items in the shopping cart.   Once you've entered your address, you should be able to update the cart and view y
I cannot find my order! - I received a message that my order does not exist!
If you checked out as a guest when you placed your order, (meaning you did not create a password protected account), you will not be able to log back into to check the status of your order. This featu
International Orders Terms and Conditions
Currently we offer international shipping only through the US Postal Service. At this time this shipping method does not allow tracking. Though almost no packages get lost in the mail, occasionall
Is there a pattern for the dress featured on the store home page?
Often Heather will design the clothing her models wear for photo-shoots. However, in the image on the right, (the woman hanging laundry) the dress is made from an existing pattern. It is a reprint of
Laminated Care Instructions
Our manufacturer has provided us with the following care instructions: Laminated Fabric Care Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Wipe wash using mild soap and water or gentle surface spray cleaner.
May I sell items I make using a Heather Bailey fabrics?
You are free to use any of Heather's fabrics to create your products without the need for licensing or crediting Heather. If you wanted to you could say, 'Made with Heather Bailey fabrics.' but it is
May I sell items I make using a Heather Bailey sewing pattern?
Heather has provided an opportunity for customers to apply for a Limited, Free License to produce up to 10 items per pattern, provided the customer is making those items herself, and provided she subm
My credit card was declined due to AVS filter failure. What does this mean?
The AVS Filter Protects us Both To protect our customers form credit card fraud, we have implemented the AVS (Address Verification Service) filter. The AVS filter requires that either the address n
Pilling Rating for Home Dec Fabrics
The pilling rating for both the Sateen and Canvas fabrics is grade 3.0 minimum standard. Section 4 at this link describes how this relates to the Martindale rating:
USPS Flat Rate Shipping Options
USPS Flat Rate Guidelines USPS Flat Rate Envelopes are the most economical Priority shipping option, but they will not always physically accommodate your order. Use of this shipping option is co
What are laminated fabrics?
Our laminated fabrics are just like our regular 100% cotton fabric, but coated with clear polyurethane (on one side). These fabrics can be used in projects where water or moisture might be an issue. F
What fees will Customs charge me for my package?
We will send out your package with the appropriate customs forms filled out. We are not familiar with how the customs systems work in the various countries we ship to, however.   You will need
What is the Best Way to Stuff the Legs for Henrietta Turtle or Effie and Ollie Elephant?
For best results, make sure to stuff the entire pincushion or toy firmly, starting with the legs.  Once you have stuffed it moderately firmly, gather the legs together with one hand.  Using