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What is the Best Way to Stuff the Legs for Henrietta Turtle or Effie and Ollie Elephant?
Last Updated: 05/16/2010
For best results, make sure to stuff the entire pincushion or toy firmly, starting with the legs.  Once you have stuffed it moderately firmly, gather the legs together with one hand.  Using a slim Stuffing Fork (which you can purchase here) or similar tool, push more stuffing into each leg while legs are aimed downward. Because you have already mostly-stuffed the pincushion or toy, you can run your Stuffing Fork or similar tool inside the pincushion or toy, along the outer perimeter till your tool is in the area you want to reinforce with with a few extra pushes of stuffing.

These final, firm channels of stuffing create added structure to the leg -- almost like boning on a dress.  All of the Henrietta Turtle pincushions, and the Effie & Ollie pincushions shown at our store were stuffed in this way. You can view the results in the Sewing Patterns section of the store, as well as in our Other Fun Stuff section of the store, where we have kits for many of these designs.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions not covered in the Knowledge Base.  We will be glad to assist you. Thank you for shopping with us!

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