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International Orders Terms and Conditions
Last Updated: 05/07/2012

Currently we offer international shipping only through the US Postal Service.

At this time this shipping method does not allow tracking. Though almost no packages get lost in the mail, occasionally it does happen. Long delays in delivery have also been know to occur. We are not responsible for orders lost or damaged in the mail. We encourage international orders, but want our international customers to understand that there is a very small risk involved. Whether or not we replace an order that has been lost or damaged in the mail is entirely at our discretion, but we rarely take action before 30 days from the date the order was marked shipped.

Regarding Customs Duties:

As required by law, we complete all Customs forms according to the regulations provided by the United States Postal Service. Depending on your country's Customs policy, you may or may not owe duty and/or taxes on your purchase. We are not familiar with the different methods your particular country uses to assess Customs fees and taxes. If you would like to know in advance the amount of duty or tax you may owe on your package, we suggest you contact your country's Customs Department. It is your responsibility to pay the duties and/or taxes assessed on your purchase; we are not responsible for, nor will we reimburse you for any of these charges. Furthermore, it is not lawful to mark your purchase as a gift.

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