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What are laminated fabrics?
Last Updated: 05/09/2011
Our laminated fabrics are just like our regular 100% cotton fabric, but coated with clear polyurethane (on one side). These fabrics can be used in projects where water or moisture might be an issue. For example, some customers have said they've used these fabrics for outdoor furniture cushions or pillows. Others have used them for our New Leaf Folding Tote pattern, to give the bag more durability and make it easier to clean.

If you decide to use our laminated fabrics, our manufacturer has provided us with the following care instructions:
Laminated Fabric Care
Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Wipe wash using mild soap and water or gentle surface spray cleaner. Iron only on underside of the fabric on low setting. The underside of the fabric is not the laminated side.

We receive many questions regarding the safety of this material. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:
Q: Are they PVC free?
A: Our laminates are 100% cotton fabric coated with polyurethane. PVC is not used in our laminates.

Q: Are they Lead free?
A: Our laminates have been tested and deemed lead free.

Q: Are they Phthalate free?
A: Our laminates have been tested for phthalates and meet and/or exceed safety guidelines set by the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). These same guidelines are used by the State of California and the European Union to set safety requirements for the manufacturing of children's toys and are the strictest guidelines that exist for phthalate use. It would be much simpler to say that our laminates our "phthalate free" but because there are no US federal regulations regarding phthalates at this time, there are no standards for what is considered "phthalate free".

Q: Are they BPA free?
A: We currently have our manufacturer looking into whether BPA is used in our laminated fabrics. However, BPA is commonly found in PVC and polycarbonate plastics. Because our laminates are coated with polyurethane, we believe they maybe BPA free, but we cannot be completely sure until we get a response from our manufacturer. Once we receive more information, we will be sure to update this article.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions not covered in the Knowledge Base. We will be glad to assist you. Thank you for shopping with us!

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