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Embroidered-Jewelry MEGA Kit


Price: $38.95

Are you having a difficult time finding gifts that are beautiful, unique and personal?

Treat yourself and each of your friends and loved ones to a Embroidered-Jewelry MEGA KIT. They will have everything they need to craft gorgeous, Anthropologie-style handmade jewelry for themselves and others. Doesn't that sound dreamy?

Or, stitch up a unique necklace to give to each—or just make necklaces for your own amazing self! One necklace takes about one hour to make from start to finish. That's a lot of impact for the effort.

Each MEGA kit includes
• 18 heat-transferrable designs
(Each can be transferred 5 to 8 times!)
• Comprehensive transfer, embroidery & assembly instructions
• Interfaced linen prepped with three design (ready to stitch)
• 3 full sets of necklace hardware (pendants, necklaces, felt, chipboard)
• Susan Bates Embroidery HOOP
• Variety of Embroidery Floss
• Needle & needle threader

Other materials & tools you will need:
• Jewelry glue (such as E6000)
• Scissors
• Wire cutters — if you wish to shorten any of the necklaces.

NOTE: The necklaces start out at 24" long. The chains are **easy-as-can-be** to shorten. Snip them to your chosen length with a pair of pliers or wire cutters and you're good to go. No specialty tools or skills are needed when it comes to necklace length. This way, you can customize each necklace to the recipient's personal taste in length, or let her do the honors.

* Grab your scissors and glue. This MEGA KIT includes EVERYTHING ELSE you need to complete 3 full necklaces. It also includes artwork and tools needed to make as many as 100 necklaces.

ALSO—We have listed Hardware-Only Expander 3-Packs which you can use to make additional necklaces using your tools and supplies from this MEGA Kit.

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