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Jewelry HARDWARE 3-Pack


Price: $13.95

Expand your stitched-jewelry collection ad infinitum with our NEW Hardware 3-Packs. Each pack includes three pendants, three necklaces, three pieces of felt padding and three chipboard inserts.

For heat-transferrable artwork, instructions and more, be sure to pick up our Embroidered-Jewelry MEGA Kit with 18 designs included (plus linen fabric, hoop, floss, needle, 3 full sets of hardware, etc.) and/or our Embroidered-Jewelry MINI Kit
with 3 designs included (plus one full set of hardware). All artwork can be heat-transferred multiple times for dozens of necklaces in total!

Use these hardware kits to make many more necklaces from your chosen pattern set.

Each Hardware 3-Pack includes
• 3 pendants
• 3 necklaces (24" chains which can easily be shortened)
• 3 chipboard-backing circles
• 3 pieces of felt padding

Other materials & tools you will need:
• Our Embroidered Jewelry MEGA Kit or MINI Kit
• Jewelry glue (such as E6000)
• Scissors
• Wire cutters — if you wish to shorten any of the necklaces.

NOTE: The necklaces start out at 24" long. The chains are **easy-as-can-be** to shorten. Snip them to your chosen length with a pair of pliers or wire cutters and you're good to go. No specialty tools or skills are needed when it comes to necklace length. This way, you can customize each necklace to the recipient's personal taste, or let her do the honors.

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