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Betty Boo Sock Doll Kit - Boo
Betty Boo Sock Doll Kit - Boo

Sock Doll Kit
*pattern included*
Price: $14.95


Some might say she's a spoiled bat, but we think she's rather sweet, as far as vampires go. Betty Boo is not too cross to wear flowers—but she's not too kind to sock-you-one either—so stay on her good side.

Keep in mind, for a BOY bat, simply position the bow at the bat's neck as a bow-tie.

** Limited supply—kits available while supplies last **

Kit includes:
- Pattern & illustrated instructions
- Ghosty sock for doll body
- Fabric for legs
- Wool-blend felt for wings
- Two mini buttons for eyes
- Ribbon for ear (or for bow tie if making a boy doll)
- Pre-cut felt flowers for shirt
- Embroidery floss for eyebrows, mouth, teeth, & flower centers
- Stuffing

Other tools & supplies you will need:
thread, pins, scissors, needle, water-soluble pen (or marking pencil), turning tool, stuffing tool (such as Stuffing Fork or chopstick—Stuffing Fork recommended—see link at far right)

Each kit contains materials for one bat doll. Unlike the pincushion kits in the store, this kit INCLUDES THE PATTERN—which can also be downloaded at Heather's blog, HELLOmynameisHeather.com. Don't miss the FREE bat-cape pattern as well, available ONLY on Heather's blog. The Bat Couture Cape is designed to fit all Betty Boo sock dolls. Visit www.HELLOmynameisHeather.com today.

Pattern is for personal use only.