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16" Proportional Divider - Oak
16" Proportional Divider - Oak

Price: $15.95

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Most have never heard of a proportional divider. Till I became immersed in a fine-art painting program in 2017, I certainly had not heard of this awesome tool which is a mighty, mighty aid in helping one draw more accurately. However, all of the other proportional dividers on the market have notable flaws. They are too small, or too wobbly, or too difficult to adjust.

I wanted a better tool! So, I designed one. And, I've made them available to you now as well.

Use your proportional divider to scale your subject matter larger or smaller to suit your drawing or painting surface. Use this measurement guide to understand the ratios achieved by each set of screw holes. For instance, when you place your set screw in the 1:4 hole, your source will be scaled to four times larger than its original size when scaling up, or your source will be scaled to one-fourth the original size when scaling down.

There are some artists which explain proportional dividers on their YouTube channels and this might help you learn to use the tool (I'm not sure when I'll be able to make a video), but each of the other proportional dividers I have found in the marketplace has some problems. I have designed this tool to fix those problems:

The Heather Bailey proportional divider is
several inches longer -- making it MUCH more versatile and useful
significantly more comfortable to hold in your hands
stiffer -- meaning it holds its position more stably which is a mighty improvement, saving you time and frustration
easier to adjust to new settings -- the screw is easier to reposition
drilled with strategically-placed holes which provide predictable scaling ratios so you can plan your enlargements or reductions more accurately (other dividers do not have this)

To explain further, a proportional divider is a drawing, painting, and scaling tool. It helps an artist map an image onto his canvas or paper with accurate proportions. The different holes allow a scene to be accurately scaled up or down in size while maintaining correct proportions. You measure various points on the original object with one side of the tool (it will look like an X when you are measuring), then you transfer those points to your surface with the other side of the "X" and each of your measurements will remain in proportion to the other measurements you map out, but will be scaled to a different size (unless you choose to use the 1:1 hole while measuring).

To see my fine-art paintings in progress, follow @HeatherBaileyArt on Instagram and follow my "Heather Bailey Art" page on Facebook.

xo -- Heather

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