In 1998, while Heather was visiting the movie set of Drew Barrymore's Never Been Kissed, the hair styling department went nuts for Heather's own beaded hair accessories, designs she hadn't ever thought to sell.  These stylists purchased the clips right out of Heather's hair, and with much persuasion and enthusiasm, they eventually convinced her to take custom orders.  Heather's children's hat company, Noggins, was incredibly busy at the time, and as a young mother, Heather was only afforded a limited amount of time for jewelry design.  Months later, when hat season finally quieted down for the year, Heather's design focus went back to women's accessories and the excitement her hair designs had caused the previous year. 

Wanting to present an entirely new concept to the market, Heather explored in her mind the variety of hair accessories and tools that were available at that time and it dawned on her that no one had yet taken advantage of the sculptural properties of wire for the purpose of styling hair.  It was a classic 'a-ha' moment.  After some experimentation with a household twisty-tie (which was not attractive or sturdy) Heather grew more curious.  Her new concept would work fantastically if a new wire were formulated to be as flexible as it was robust -- and if they could be made cute! 

Amazingly, Heather discovered an ideal formula for the wire the very next morning while discussing the invention with her husband, Isaac.  With that taken care of, creating a stream-lined, stylish wrap for the ties was certainly not problem for Heather. With a degree in Apparel Design and a passion for sewing and creating, Heather had filled her apartment to-the-brim with art & craft supplies, fabric and notions.  Heather took to her collection of ribbons and trims and soon created the knotted satin ties you see today.

Though Heather's original idea came together very quickly, bringing Trash Ties to the stage their at today has been a long gestation.  Many years and long, long hours have been spent developing and inventing the hair styles and techniques shown in the product style guides, researching and nurturing the patent along, creating helpful and beautiful packaging, and formulating the best business strategiess for this feverishly popular invention.

Trash Ties have sold at many of the best stores and boutiques in the world, including Fred Segal, Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales', Printemps in Paris and Joyce in Hong Kong.  And they have been featured multiple times in InStyle magazine, as well as in Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen and more.  Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Leann Rhymes have joined in the fun.  And Heather has been regularly invited to share her new invention with celebrity hairstylists on televsion sets,  movie sets, and beyond.

Now fully patented, we're happy to offer the entire (and ever-growning) assortment of Trash Ties here at, including limited releases and holiday designs.

Help spread the word on this creative, new solution for hair-styling versatility and tell your friends about Trash Ties!

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Accept no substitues!  Heather holds the one and only patent on this idea and not only patented the product, but the entire concept -- and all of the techniques and styles associated with it.  Since her original release of Trash Ties, a couple of companies have tried to illegally copy her invention, her concept, her artwork, etc.,  but none have succeeded to meet the quality standard of Trash Ties. 

hank you for supporting true originality.  We're grateful for your goodness!