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Hear Me Roar

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Trash Ties are incredibly versatile.  Standard Trash Ties can be worn in place of barrettes, bobby pins and hair elastics to create and infinite variety of hair styles, including braids and up-dos.  Trash Ties are gentle on your hair and won't snag, catch or cause breakage like other hair accessories.  Available in a variety of colors, including neutrals and hair tones, Trash Ties are perfect for every occasion. 

**Each box includes five 4" standard Trash Tie, as well as a comprehensive, full-color, 16-page style guide full of inspiration, tips & techniques**

Click here for Standard Trash Ties™ instructions! 

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And -- accept no substitutes!  Heather holds the one and only patent on this idea and not only invented the product, but the entire concept -- and all of the techniques & styles associated with it.  To read more about Heather's invention story, click here.  

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Hear Me Roar
SALE: $8.95